About us

NOIR was created when two young and thriving entrepreneurs from London came together with the goal of changing the fragrance industry. Both of us co-founders had a strong eye for detail and quality which made up a strong part of the foundation of the brand we created. The main pillar however was both of our dedication to put our customers first and use whatever success we gain to have a positive effect on our communities.

Our products were born with the vision of exemplifying luxury and sophistication by way of scent. We spent an immeasurable period of time tirelessly thinking of a way to revolutionise the industry with something unique and memorable. We really are here to change the fragrance game.

The scents that we chose went through rigorous testing and surveying until we found what would be the perfect fit to make everyone happy. Our fragrances give you the opportunity to go on a different adventure depending on each scent. You pick your adventure and we’ll make it happen, right at your fingertips. As we have grown we have added new scents and new products but reproduce that same quality and experience that our pioneer scents had which left a stamp in the market.



Finally what you may be thinking is “What sets you apart from the rest?”. We won’t give you one reason but two. Firstly our quality, we are second to none and that is evident from our actual physical products, as well as the scents themselves which we know you won’t be able to get enough of. Secondly our foundation here at NOIR is built on something very close and dear to us, the happiness of our customers. Although this section is an “About Us” section, there is no “US” without our customers and we’ll always place our customers first.

NOIR will always provide to you grandeur at heights never seen before but above that we will always place our customers first.


Our Line of Products


Noir brings you a diverse line of products that has every possible scent you can think of; from woody, fiery to flowery, you name it, we have got it!

Manufactured with utmost love and care, our luxurious scented products are the centre of attention in any room you enter! We recognise what your room or car needs and deliver you just that with our rich fragrance oil-infused products.

Our line of products includes two important categories:

  • Car Diffusers: Your car needs a strong and effective diffuser that can eliminate any unpleasant smell and replace it with fresh and scented air. Our car diffusers are powerful enough to lift the ambiance but never too much that they overpower your senses.
  • Luxury Air Fresheners: There is nothing more rewarding than coming home from a long day of work and lying in bed as your room smells like your favorite scents. Our luxury air fresheners are designed to give you a break you really need!

Why Choose us?

  • High quality

We use the finest ingredients that are not only rich in concentration but diffuse unwanted smells in a matter of seconds. The fragrance oils we use are of top quality and are used in our products in a way that doesn't give your a headache; however, it does the job of Aromatherapy really well. Just spray them around and see the quality of air in your room change drastically.

  • Affordable prices

Our luxurious products are not just great in quality but also highly affordable as compared to market prices. We also offer bundles and luxury sets where you can buy multiple products that would not only last you long but also save a lot of money.

  • Experienced Team

We have a team of experienced workers on board who know what they are doing and make luxury affordable for you with their expertise. We believe in providing quality along with excellent customer service, and that is only possible because of our team. We are always at your disposal to solve all your queries and help you make the right decision.  

  • Fast Delivery

We ensure safe and fast-tracked delivery for you so that you don't have to go through any hassle, and our teams will take care of each step. We deliver all across the UK and constantly working on expanding our business to live up to our customer's expectations.


NOIR products does not intend to infringe on manufacturer’s and designer’s names and trademarks. Names used in describing scents are used purely to provide customer’s with an idea of the scent notes and not to impersonate said fragrances and mislead customers. NOIR products are not exact copies nor does NOIR represent them as original therefore they do not violate any copyright laws. NOIR’s interpretation of these scents have been formulated through different chemical analysis and reproduction. NOIR is not affiliated with the manufacturers and designers. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers nor is our website sponsored, associated or affiliated by any of the owners of said trademarks/copyrights.